Eight measures to alleviate IT eye dryness

Eight measures to alleviate IT eye dryness

With the use of computers for a longer period of time, complications such as eye fatigue and blurred vision are increasing.

According to statistics, 70% to 75% of the population’s overuse of computers will produce “vision and eye discomfort syndromes in computer families.” Its symptoms include sore eyes, headaches, blurred vision, and chest muscle aches and pains.Stiff, mild symptoms will affect work efficiency; severe symptoms will cause vision loss and joint protrusion.

With the use of computers for a longer period of time, complications such as eye fatigue and blurred vision are increasing.

  In addition, according to the latest Japanese research report this year, as many as one-third of the computer families who feel eye fatigue have dry tears that have reached the diagnostic criteria for dry eye.

So don’t ignore the discomfort of the eyes, especially myopia, hyperopia, presbyopia, and strabismus friends. Once you find abnormalities in the eyes, please see an ophthalmologist for diagnosis and treatment as soon as possible.

In addition to finding a doctor for diagnosis and treatment, adjusting the use of computers and eye supplements are also good ways to maintain eye health!

  8 rules for using computers properly: 1.

Do not place the computer near the window, to avoid light reflection from the top of the head; 2.

The computer screen is lower than the eyes; 3.

Computer screen and eye distance 60 cm; 4.

Use a computer-specific file shelf to hold the files to be processed; 5.

5. Take a 5 minute rest for each hour you watch the computer (if you can, close your eyes to achieve a complete rest); 6.

Blink more often; 7.

Place a glass of water on the table to increase the surrounding humidity; 8.

Rub your hands over your closed eyes.

  Food supplements for the eyes What our eyes can see is because the eye has an omentum, and rhodopsin is a photosensitive substance of the omentum, that is, under the light irradiation, rhodopsin will produce a chemical reaction and generate a signal, which is oxidized by nerves toThe brain only completes the action of watching.

However, through excessive use of the eye, external stimuli, ultraviolet radiation and other factors, it leads to premature aging of the eye, excessive dryness and fatigue of the eye, damage to the outermost tissue of the eyeball, and delayed complications of the optic nerve.In addition to the 8 rules of diagnosis and treatment and the correct use of computers, in fact, supplementing the necessary nutrients for the eyes is also very important in the process of protecting the eyes.


Food supplements for eye fatigue: Too dry eyes, lack of mucus moisturization and easy to produce eye fatigue, vitamin A or b cucurbitacin and mucus supply have a great correlation. Vitamin B6, vitamin C and zinc supplements can also help solve eyesProblems with drying.


Food supplements with blurred vision: Most people often waste computer vision or blurry vision after reorganization using a computer. Others only have poor vision when the light is dim at night.It is generally known as night blindness.

Appropriate vitamin A or b cucurbitacin or the anthocyanin pigments contained in the popular mulberry seeds or bilberry on the market have a good effect on blurred vision or quick adjustment of vision in the dark.

Food supplements to maintain normal optic nerve system: Severe optic nerve atrophy can cause blindness.

Vitamin B group, especially vitamin B1, B12, has a close relationship with optic nerve health. If lack of vitamin B1, B12, it is easy to cause neuritis and neurological diseases.


Anti-Tissue Aging Supplement: Too much free radicals cause damage to eye tissues, including eye diseases such as cataracts. In severe cases, it can also cause eye blindness. Therefore, nutrients that can directly interact with free radicals, that is, antioxidant nutrients,Such as b-carotene, vitamins A, C, E, anthocyanins, etc., can prevent further deterioration of cataracts.

  The eye is the window of the soul. We must protect it well. If there is any discomfort, we must see a doctor as soon as possible. The correct use of computers and proper eye supplements is a good preventive treatment for eye injury and medical treatment.

  Foods that are good for the eyes: dark green vegetables, broccoli, green river vegetables, green peppers, carrots, papaya, guava, citrus, lemon, milk, egg yolk, lean meat, etc.