Fang Yu lost the number,Put away the business card。

If Dad knew he took Mingzun’s business card,Will be very happy。
“Well,I still have something。Contact frequently!”
Finished,Mingzun leaves first。
Fang Yu looked at the dean:“Dean,Can you give me a subsidy now??”
“You really don’t think about coming back to the hospital?I just looked at your right hand……Seems to have recovered。As long as you are willing to come back,I will give you an official doctor,You want to go to the operating table,I can also arrange for you!
As long as you want!”
Dean Shen Sheng。
Eyes full of expectation!
Fang Yu is a talent!
This kid,Can’t let go!
First7chapter Let’s stop here!
“I said,I don’t want to come back!”

Although it is slightly disappointed,But the two will definitely do not show any hint。

Do not say anything else,Only they are in summer friends,裴 东风 does not dare to neglect。
Never thought,Zhouraio’s daughter,It turned out to be a three-character refinerie。
“very good,really good!”
Summer smiled and kneaded the head of your head,“Maybe not used long?,Xiaowei is the oldest four-product refiner master throughout the Shenpu Island.。”
Zhou Wei died,“Brother,Who don’t know if you are the youngest five big masters of Shenpu Island?。”
Summer laughing,“I am talking about women’s repairs.,You become a master,Isn’t it the youngest??”
“Ha ha。”
Everyone also laughed。
Summer look at Zelaio,“Zhou Shu,I received your news.,A bit,According to normal time,You should go more than ten days in advance.,Is there a delay on the road?。”
Zhou Lao smiled nodded,road,“I have experienced some of them.。”
“Ha ha。”
Next to Miao Lif,road,“We are so many people on the road,Will definitely encounter some robberies,We deliberately expose to let them rob。”
Zhuang Hong also laughed,“Among them, there is no weakness.,The most impressive is to encounter the middle of the two life and death.,I am one with Miao Lif.,Waste is so strong to solve it。”
Wang Yuxin and the Dai Dongfeng again discolored。
In the early days of the two life and death, they killed two life and death.?
This is impossible.。
Think here,He smiled and tested,“Zhoucheng Lord,The middle and death of life and death is simply。”
Zhoura Olylon looked at。
He used to be a millennium,Who has never seen it?。
Immediately understand the intention of Tao Dongfeng。
“I have no hand on the way.,The purpose of slowing speed is to practice。”
“Yes,Two life and death,Why must Zhoucheng。”
There is another one,I remember him called Lu Yan.,It is also one of the ten people,Nowadays, there is also a breakthrough。
“It is a pity that the eighth encountered battle,The big leader there is a life and death.,Ugh,Our three people were actually ran by him.。”
Wang Yuxin。
Yan Dongfeng is also a sense of heart。
He itself is life and death,So knowing the initial and late,That is like the gap between the heavens and the earth.。
But in the early stage of three life and death,It was actually running.?

Your own father,The only victim of the air is,But his existence is blotted,This makes her deep evil for the media and people who have proclaimed this matter.,In one way‘Miracle’This word。

“How can there be a miracle?”Girl muttered whisper,When you face your face, you will suffer.,“How can I have a miracle?!”
At this moment,Her ear suddenly came back a song,Along with the girl with a skilled voice,In her ear。
Wonderful song,In her mind, it turned into a piercing noise.,Let her smoke,The face is suddenly awkward。
“This is!”Saudira dead bite to teeth,Flashing in the eyes,“This sound will bring miracles!Absolutely definitely can’t let this happen!”
She is whitening,Cursing this voice vicious,I ran in the direction of the sound source,Do not know why,Her pace seems to have a heavy heavy。
What seems to be dragged。
“This is”Reverse through the crowded people,A teenager of a black hair hedgehog stunned this scene,“What’s happening here?”
Juveniles are in the upper。
just now,He and Yintke are not easy to enter the interior of the NMs.,But received the phone of the Soil Gate,I was told that the Ethysi is about to collapse,Without any choice,He can only choose to move with Inbike,He came to the venue to save Elisa,And Yintick is going to prevent the magic array。
But,After he is hard to come to the venue,Actually strange discovery,The venue is covered by a golden cover.,The concert inside is still going on?!
Do not,exactly,Elisa is still singing,And the audience will leave the venue in a series of staff leaders.。
have to say,The upper strip is the first time I saw it in knowing it here, I’m still in space.,But unprofitable audience,Everyone is old and old.,Follow the people’s orderly withdrawal,Let the last one doubt,I am coming wrong with myself.。
but,look carefully,Such an order seems to be reasonable,Every row of channels in the venue is drawn by gold,It seems that the neon light decoration is general,However, the upper strip is seen,When someone seems to want to bypass or cut,The golden rays that are touched are all distinguished from those who try to destroy the rules.,Then the place that is touched will become red,It seems like being fired.。
“This thing seems to be a bit more familiar?”The upper stripe,If you think about the golden light,Just when he kneel,Want to use your right hand to try this time when,suddenly,He came to the ear, he called a helpless call.。
“Ash!you idiot!Resent from my barrier!”
“Qing Qing palace?!”The upper strip has grown up his eyes.,“How are you here??”
“Otherwise, where should I??”The figure of the Qing Palace appears in front of the upper,Turn over a white eye,“Don’t touch my solar shield,Otherwise, if you are eliminated by your right hand,These audiences can be troublesome。”
“But”Look at less and less audience,Pick up the corner of the upper mouth,“They left the venue,Where can I go??”
“Take a large elevator and helicopter,Leave the top of the Ethomoze。”Qingguang sighed,“and,Don’t take your right hand to touch me.,I am just an image now.,The real person maintains a barrier behind the stage.。”
“Trough?”The upper striped eyes widened,The manner reached the right hand,Can laugh in the Qing Dynasty,Still receiving it back,Changed to the left hand,Take it to the shoulders of the Qing Palace,But the upper stripe,The left hand actually passed through the body of the Qing Palace.。
“It’s still an image.。”The upper stroke sighed,“Can your ability have been this step?!”Say,The upper strip suddenly widened。
“The elevator control between the Enesome is exploded.,What do they rely on??”The above is incredible to watch the Qing Palace,“and also,哔 哔?”
“You all said the answer。”Qingguang sighed,Helpless look at the top,“you guess,How did they go??”
“not”Under the circumstance, Zhang Danedi,But he has not come yet.,A loud noise suddenly came from the door!
Qinggong pupil,The whole person disappeared in the original place.。
“Don’t sing again!”The gate is pushed away.,Saudira fell into the collision,The beautiful face flashes a silk。
at the same time,Ethioshion’s space in the space。
Tea hair is quietly sitting in the middle of the empty hall,Double hand is flat,Liuhai, two arms and the origin,Countless light blue current is crazy to flock through the whole hall,The whole hall has changed the ocean of lightning.,Not far from her,Dozens of large elevators and three helicomous electromagnetic trains are crazy。
Earthly,Girl fierce opened his eyes,What seems to feel?,Lift the head,I can’t help but get a lot of concern in my eyes.。
Don’t have something you?!
(This chapter is over)
NS356chapter I thought I shouted?

“This is a secret,I hope you don’t disclose it.,Although other big cylinders can also find a higher gravity planet,Let their body become more powerful,But this is quite dangerous,I accidentally burst it.”Spring smiles。

“indeed so,Planette that is too high,Generally, there is no life,Where will they go?”Hui night。
“But where we go find a suitable gravity?”Ning asked。
“Hui Night adults have a gravity space,You can get together first,But you’d better master a blood in order to make a faster progress.”Spring said。
“Is the gravity control of the earth properties,so it is,Spring, you can practice the blood of the single attribute you know through this.”Yu Village said。
The average person thinks that blood is composed of Chakra that is both attributes.。
But Spring is only cultivated。
“Yes,In fact, there is a better way,For example, implanted my current cells,Can master my blood like,Anyway, Ningxing also has a reincarnation eye.,It is not a problem in suppressing my current cells.”Spring smiles。
Ning Ji has injected his first cell,I also affect it again.。
Can also master the power of yin and yang five elements,It’s almost a turning version of the spring。
But this is also the relationship between Ning.,He gives his cells everywhere,Who is the child who has given birth to these people??
“I am afraid that Quan Yan, you want to be wrong.”The feather is shaking。
“Forehead,Any questions”Square。
“The average person is impossible to master too much blood,Unless it is a special method,For example, the strength of the ten tail,Your current cells are injected into the body, there will be an anthropoachagy.,Others can’t control this cells at all”Latter。
“Your current cells are even more difficult to get people more than ten tails.”
“Even if the integration of the origin is not the limit?”Spring asked。
“There is no such good thing in the world,Imagine that you have perfectly mastered the strength of the yin and yang five elements, it is not so simple.,This is the problem of soul,Not the future will make up,So you are the most special”
“I once also want to try to make yourself to master the power of yin and yang.,But I failed,My own yin and yang five elements are still in essence, which can only be counted.,Instead of you, you can even separate the yin and yang five elements.”衣 解。
“Forehead,so it is,I think it is too simple.”Spring said。
If someone is willing to accept his cells,Isn’t that the strong is full??
How can there be such an abnormal thing?。
“But I have a kind of blood before.,Ning you can try,Among them,Can help you master the single property blood of soil properties”Spring said。
Ningxing did not cultivate cultural properties,I don’t know the potential of soil properties.,Using blood to understand, it is undoubtedly the best。
“Patient adult,Ning is already in the yin and yang,And my soil and soil blood,Will not exceed the standard”Spring asked。
“Will not,In theory, everyone can master two kinds of blood,Of course too powerful may have only one,Yin and Yang property is the attribute of its own body and the birth of the soul,Not included in it”Latter。
“This is good,Ningxing and people,I can practice the earth properties first and then guide you to cultivate the blood of the earth properties.”
“This kind of blood is also useful in fighting,Practice is good for you”Spring said。
Ningxing and someone else。
Spring said that this important secret is said,Just to help them improve strength,Next, I have to see themselves.。
“Still young people have vitality,I can not afford such exercise.”Yu Village said with a smile。
“You said,Ning Ji just purified the revivement,Physical strength is also poor,Basic will wait for two or three years”Spring also laughed and said。
“indeed,They even have no effort to adapt,Not suitable for continuing to improve strength,This is not good for them”The feather is nodded.。
“We have time,Even if the coach wood, the family discovers the problem,Not how many people will come over one another,Let’s come to one or two groups we can deal with”Hui night。

This time,Xia Jian’s eyes lit up suddenly。He grabbed Yao Junli’s toe,Lightly。Yao Junli whispered,The whole person fell into Xia Jian’s arms。

The silence speaks,Unconsciously,Two people have become entangled together。
This night。Xia Jian’s special fragrance for sleeping,He felt that he didn’t even dream。Next morning,Yao Junli wants to talk about the project because of an appointment,So she got up at 8 o’clock。
Xia Jian slept until nine o’clock,He feels full,Then got up and put on clothes。Everything is ready,He went to the restaurant on the third floor for breakfast。Maybe Yao Junli specially ordered,Xia Jian got out of the elevator,Someone greeted us enthusiastically。
It’s this time,The breakfast I left for Xia Jian is very rich。There is his favorite Xiaolongbao,And soy milk。Xia Jian had a good meal,Then I remembered that he wanted to see Hu Huiru。
Take out the phone,I found Hu Huiru’s phone number,Xia Jian called。The phone was connected soon,Hu Huiru’s beautiful voice came from inside:“Hello Mr. Xia!I heard you have big moves,Is there something good looking for me?”
“You are really well informed,People in the provincial capital, you know all the little things that happened in Bucheon,It’s really amazing!”Xia Jian said so,Also surprised in my heart。
Hu Huiru,Haha laughed:“You are no small matter。Transfer so much land over,You must do something big,You said i guessed right?”
“No need to guess,I’m in the provincial capital now,If you have time, let’s meet and talk again”Xia Jian stood up as he spoke。While he was on the phone,Walk out。
Hu Huiru laughed and said:“Coming early is not as good as coincidence,I also just came back from Pingdu yesterday,Then you come to our group!”
“OK!See you later”Xia Jian hung up after speaking。He walked back to the room quickly,Carry your briefcase,Then went downstairs。
Going to talk about business today,I can’t take a taxi anymore。He asked for directions at the front desk,Then I found Xiao Xiao’s BMW in the underground parking garage,Drove to Dongsheng Group。
Fortunately, he asked the route in advance,The car drove very smoothly when it hit the road。After about half an hour,The car has stopped at the gate of Dongsheng Group。
Xia Jianyi reported the name,The security immediately put him in。Maybe Hu Huiru made arrangements in advance,Xia Jiangang went to the lobby on the first floor。Then a young and beautiful girl greeted us,She asked with a smile:“Are you Mr. Xia?!”
“Correct!Is President Hu in the office??”Xia Jian asked with a smile。
Girl said with a smile:“President Hu is waiting for you in the office,Let me come down to welcome you”Hu Huiru is really good at doing things,It’s a good job of face。
The girl took Xia Jian into the elevator,Keep bringing Xia Jian into Hu Huiru’s office。Hu Huiru, who was answering the phone, saw that Xia Jian was here,She hung up the phone and greeted me。

“Ha ha,alright, alright。Grandpa doesn’t hit you.。But this kind of thing is to grasp it.,But Yunqin is only sixteen,Can you easily‘crime’what!”

Su Shixin is not a polar,How do he feel,Grandpa is more than his new generation of young people.,Thought is still advanced?!
the other side,Ge Dalong, the same thing in Yunqin。
“Hey~My Xiaoqin Baby,Only sixteen years old,Still the strongest university!It’s a mother’s pride.。”
Ge Yunying held Yunqin,Love and pity,Gainful,As if Yunqin is about to marry。
“mom,I also talked about Huacheng University.,How do I come to school?,I haven’t seen you, I am proud of me.?!”Ge Yunhao said。
Ge Ming is dissatisfied with Ge Yunhao’s head of the head.,road:“How to talk to your mother??!”
“Can you be like your sister??!You are self-sufficient‘Sister’s benchmark’NS,Then you have made Huacheng,Be no!”
“Wailing~”Ge Yunhao took care of his head,Blame:“Yeah!Dad, you are talking about!Takood in front of your own children,You are so sincerely!”
This time,Ge Yunying glanced at Ge Yunhao,“Your child,Nuts?!”
Then,Pulling Yunqin that is smiling and continues,“Xiao Qin,Although you have already college,But you have to remember,You are young,Two years older than others。Classmates in the university,May be more open,Do you have to protect yourself??”
“Your mother said,Yun Qin,If there is a male classmate, you will have a hand.,Be sure to tell you,Let him give you!Your brother is not really,Then tell your new brother.,Tell the school teacher,Anyway, can it be casually, is it cheaper??”Ge Yiming recognizes。
“”Ge Yunhao。
His dad is really a flat with his son.,The blue sky is not to say that their son is not working.!
Yunqin is holding Ge Yunying’s beautiful shake arm,road:“understood。dad,mom,No one dares to bully my!Who is dare to bully me?,No brothers shot,I will bull it in myself.!”
Finish,Yunqin also fiercely waved his fist。
Ge Yunying smiled and pinch the nose of Yunqin,road:“You?!Know you。”
Although it is not very safe to rest assured that he is older,But listen to Yunqin said so,Thinking of Yunqin started from the sixth grade,Temaekwondo learned with Su Shixin,It’s a lot of peace of mind.。
“correct,I will live in Hua City with your mother.。If you think of us,Call us,I am going to school with your mom.。”Ge Ying Wizard,揉 揉 云 钦 ‘s head,Then look at Ge Yunhao,Serious road:“Yunhao,After your sister will take care of you.。”
Yunqin’s medicinality is fast
NS69chapter Qingmei is feeding Zhu Ma to eat sugar.27
“Do not worry,dad。My sister, I take care of my child.,Can’t make a problem。Right,younger sister?!”Ge Yunhao,Give Yunqin‘you know’Eye。
Yun Qin laughs and todped,“Um!Brother has always taken care of me.!”
“but,anyway,dad,This only two years,Our business has expanded to Hua City?You have to stay here for so long.?”Ge Yunhao asked。
“Not yet,This is not coming to this side.,See how to enter Hua City。”
Both children come here.,He as a parent with your child,Can do,It is the strongest backing of children.。
Extend the company here,Also give the brothers and sisters.。
Ge Yunhao’s nodded,there,Talking, Southam Su Shin, came over。
“Watch uncle,You have talked about it.?”Ge Ming。
“Yes,How is your chat??”
“We are also almost,Then let a few children go back to school.?”
“Also,Go back early, familiar with familiarity。”
The basics of this explanation are over.,Three parents left together。Ge Yunhao began to introduce the campus environment for the two people。

“I want to mix days,You can go to any team that will develop the team.。IG,Never welcome you。”

Palace Qingwen these words,andanqiHave exploded。
anqiDirectly to the front of the palace,It seems to catch the collar of the palace clear。
But was pushed by the palace,He will retreat a few steps.。
“what does it mean?Want to fight?I want to be expelled.?”
ngThe big voice sounded,Also letanqiAnd the two recovered calm。 “Ah,You just call it.。Waiting to wait for the training competition,I think you are still awkward.。”
Acknowledge,Put a sentence。
anqiIt was scared by the strength of the palace.,The expression is still a slight embarrassment。
But after listening to this sentence,He also reacted。
“Ah,Boy,张。Anyway, you have come to play for a few days.,Why do you have to be with you so much?。”
anqiAcknowledge,Also returned to your seat。
after this,Three、Four minutes,rookieI went to the training room with Golden Crystal。
“Our training game today,the first isJDG,A total of approximately3Bundle,Have a good play。”
Golden Crystal Chinese is not very good,Can say someLOLCommon Chinese word,rookieOn the side, just acting as a translation。
It seems that the atmosphere is not too strong in the team.,rookieIrging the gaze in the palace。
Palace clearly laughed,I shaken my head again.。
rookieFrown,No longer ask,This time is not suitable for discussing other problems.。
The first training competition started quickly,The mid-auxiliary substitute does not have a chance。Even Zhongye has no substitute。
It is worth mentioning that,OrdertheshySubstitutedukeToday, I also have a fever.。
So in addition toADC,Other locations are equal to no substitute。
IGFirst training competition,ADPlay。
This training is32Minute http://www.naturebestow.cnend,IGWin,But the win is very difficult。
JDGNot a weak team,IGThe next way is a weakness level。
This game,Put these two things to the fullest。
But even if it is so,But it seems that there is no shame。
After the end,He also watched the palace clear,It seems to be saying。
“Look,I am the firstAD,What is your A cat?。”
Chapter 95 Pressure coming to the road
Second training competition,IGHere is on the sceneADqi。
At this time,If you don’t know what you know,Then he is really too dead.。
Three training competitions,Same opponent,Three differentADC。
A guess approach to the facts emerge in his heart,This is the coach and team in experiment and comparison.ADCThe gap between the gap and the difference。
The face is a bit white,Lenovo to the World Competition,His heart is not a lot of worse。
Second game, exist30Minute end。
Let the loose breather,His old competitors play as always.,And playing with yourself is between Jiefang。
“Palace clear,bring it on。”
Golden Crystal pronunciation is less standard.,Walking on the palace in the palace in the palace。
Palace Qingwen’s expression is very calm,Heard this sentence,Rushing to the Golden Crystal nodded,Then I came.anqiSeat next to the seat。

“what are you guys saying,I just arrived,I don’t know anything.。”

at this time,Surroundings,Hear。
Shen Xuan also couldn’t understand,If you say the first,Shen Xuan thought,It is the words of those pursuits payable by Situ Ying.。
Plug, \!
So now,In fact, Shen Xuan does not know,What is it?。
This rhythm,Too fast,Even soon to let Shen Xuan,They all look at it.。
But now,Situ Ying said:“nothing,My father said.,Let you don’t entangle me all day since I will,We are really not suitable.。”
“But I can introduce my good girlfriend to you.,You are very http://www.ynqixiu.cncommon。”
This plot,Let Shen Xuan suddenly don’t know what to say。
Is this the model to force a big reunion??
But this look,Let Shen Xuan have some helplessness,Even some can’t understand。
“never mind,I am still not entangled.,Further, even if you continue to tangle,Useless。”
Shen Xuan doesn’t say anything now.,It’s quiet here.。
Frontier,Yan Qingfeng is a look on the face with exciting look.。
“Really,In this case,that’s great,Small,Thank you very much.。”
Yan Qingfeng’s transformation,Let others,I don’t understand all.。
This transformation,It’s too uncomfortable.?
Your bottom line?,Your persistence??
Why is it now?,There is no trace of all disappeared.?
this moment,Surrounding supporters,I didn’t forget it here.。
“Shameful,How can I do this??”
“That’s right,How can you give up this old?,Can’ t afford to see。”
“A man,Just hard。”
Surroundings,I didn’t forget it here.。
But Yan Qingfeng,It is scratched,Some embarrassed:“In fact, I think,It’s still chasing it for so long.,Explanation is really not suitable。”
“and,People also said,Tell me my girlfriend,This is not very good,Anyway, I have no loss.。”
This rhythm,It’s just that people can’t touch it.。
Shen Xuan standside,Very helpless。
But everyone talked for a while.,After the contact details,Shen Xuan is directly left.。

Shangshan pure Lynton time,Stronger,“Even if there are other purposes……”

“shut up!”
Surgery,“Yiro,If you are not satisfied with my decision,You can go back to the island now.!”
Seeing the atmosphere more downs,Ping Jing Kang rushed to play,“Lady is angry,Young master is also angry,And the starting point is good,We can understand……”
He is clear than anyone,Both of the three bits of the family。
They identity,From small to big, look up and envy,I am used to self,Where did this humiliation today?。
Don’t look at the sophisticated appearance,I am afraid that the heart is more angry than the inner heart.。
Think here,Pose,“Miss,What you have just stopped……”
Springs, beautiful, shake, teeth, teeth, to spit out two words,But the beautiful cheek is incomparable,“I will apologize for a while.,Then tell them,The afternoon martial arts competition is normal。”
Toned,She suddenly looks next to one person。
It is Zhongchuan Ren, which is silent from the beginning.。
“Zhongchuan Jun,Afternoon martial arts competition,You have to leave them a unforgettable lesson.!”
“Haj!”Zhongchuan Ren is correct,The scorpion is flashing with cruelty.。
NS215chapter beginning
At two o’clock in the afternoon。
Qinghai University Zhengda Stadium has already been full。
Not only is it full of students on the stage,Even the aisle is also crowded with a shape。
The basketball game has spread throughout the campus,This is even anger these college students……I hope to teach the Cherry Blossom University in the martial arts competition.。
When summer and thunder arrive,I only see that the opening is a red ocean.。
All students are almost a small red flag,Four directions are hung in a bright national flag, respectively.。
“Martial arts team,come on!”
“Martial arts team,come on!”
Huge sounds come,Neat one,Make people’s heart does not excite,Blood can’t help boil。
Even if the Thunder can’t help but feel,“It’s so young.。Boss,I thought we were there.。”
Toned,His boxing is going to see the summer,Hole your face,“Boss,I will play it in place.?”
Summer shink,“They are rushing me.,What did you play?,Take Iranian to look at the stage.。”
Thunder is somewhat unwilling,Turning and greeting Yunno,Just turn around,He suddenly。
Summer face is strange,Follow the direction,I frowned。
I saw it on the stand on the audience.,Distance every ten meters,Just standing with a hair in a police uniform in maintaining order。
“Hey,Even the armed police dispatched。”Thunder ridicule,“This is not fun.,I am still waiting for your boss to kill the ring.。”
“Don’t bear it.。”
Summer mouth,Going to the right side。
Wang Fei has greeted three players.。

His face became iron,“It is for you forced me.!”

After the end,He immediately said,“Aqing。”
The door is opened,Come in a look of ordinary,But extremely fine young people,“Mr. Ancient。”
“Contact me in summer, Just say that I want to talk to him.。”
Youth,Go on,“Be。”
At the same time。
What is the reason for the Guardian Union?,It turned out to be all evacuated.。
Such a big event,Naturally causing attention。
Many foreign power eyeline,Take insider。
But how long does it take?,A shocking news came。
Creating League of the Alliance,It was killed.。
This……It’s just out of all the expectations of everyone.。
Not long,Another exciting news did not know who was spread out。
It is said that the Guardian Alliance,It’s seriously injured.。
This news is like a flood generally sweeps the entire underground world in just a few hours.。
Cause no,Just because of this person is too powerful.。
Have to say,Many foreign power don’t dare to arrive in China,To a large extent,Is http://www.yumich.cna taboo guardian alliance,Joen the Jun Lin, the first master of this Huaxia。
Today he is hurt……Does it mean that some things are organic?
One time,The whole underground world is too sharp。
In addition。
Part of some people,Then fall into Qinghai City。
Or say……Falling above。
There is no shock of the Jun and the Guardian Alliance,Some of the wild hearts of the home are beginning to start, they want to move.。
For all this,Summer does not know。
At this moment,He is walking with Monica strolling in the streets of Ning City。
Ning City is the government of Huigui Autonomous Region,Although it is a minority,It is also the core city of the North Bay City Group.,It is an important portal city that is a joint connection between the country.。
The street can not only see a few ethnic groups of various buildings,There are also many foreign tourists.。
“Summer,Don’t be too much.。”
Monica is dissatisfied。
This guy is shopping with yourself,Note but always on the street, other women,Is it not beautiful??