Mozambique en alrta porcanía de tarmenta tropical gombe

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Fang Yu lost the number,Put away the business card。

If Dad knew he took Mingzun’s business card,Will be very happy。
“Well,I still have something。Contact frequently!”
Finished,Mingzun leaves first。
Fang Yu looked at the dean:“Dean,Can you give me a subsidy now??”
“You really don’t think about coming back to the hospital?I just looked at your right hand……Seems to have recovered。As long as you are willing to come back,I will give you an official doctor,You want to go to the operating table,I can also arrange for you!
As long as you want!”
Dean Shen Sheng。
Eyes full of expectation!
Fang Yu is a talent!
This kid,Can’t let go!
First7chapter Let’s stop here!
“I said,I don’t want to come back!”

Can my father refuse to do parent -child appraisal, can he presume his life?

Current position: >>> Can my father refuse to do parent -child appraisal, can it be pressed for his life? Can my father refuse to do parent -child appraisal, can he presume his life? 2017-09-20 Author: 1. Case Introduction: Ms. Hu, a single mother, sued her boyfriend in the name of her daughter to pay for the support fee. Ms. Hu, who is 30 years old this year, is a single mother.

In November 2015, Ms. Hu gave birth to her daughter Jingjing alone in the hospital. Seeing that the child grows up day by day, there are more and more places to use money. She feels that a person is increasingly unable to do it … I. Brief introduction of the case: Ms. Hu, a single mother, sued her boyfriend in the name of her daughter to pay for the support fee. The lady is a single mother. In November 2015, Ms. Hu gave birth to her daughter Jingjing alone in the hospital. Seeing that the child grew up day by day, there are more and more places to use money. She feels that a person is getting more and more difficult.

As a result, Ms. Hu brought her boyfriend Tao to the Rudong County People’s Court of Jiangsu Province in the name of Jingjing to ask the defendant Tao to fulfill the support obligations. Medical expenses should be afforded by 50%. However, Tao said in court that Jingjing and him had no father -daughter relationship, and the fact that he had no father -daughter relationship. He now asked him to fulfill his support obligations and have no legal basis to request the court to reject the plaintiff’s lawsuit.

In the anxiety of Ms. Hu, when the court provided the WeChat chat record between her and Tao, Dangting to prove that Tao had repeatedly acknowledged that Jingjing was his biological daughter and proposed a parent -child identification to the court to prove Tao There is a parent -child relationship between a certain and crystal.

After the judge was proved by the court, Tao acknowledged that the micro -signal that chatted with Ms. Hu was owned by him, but still did not admit that Jingjing was his biological daughter. Under the many laws of the judge, Tao made it clear that he did not agree with the parent -child identification. 2. The court judgment: The defendant paid 600 yuan a month and undertakes half of education and medical expenses such as Dongxian County Court. Whether there is a parent -child relationship in the intergetics, it has fulfilled the preliminary proof obligation.

Although the defendant argued that it had no parent -child relationship with the plaintiff, it failed to provide sufficient evidence to refute, and the reasons for rejection of refusal to refuse parent -child identification were explained. There is a medical parent -child relationship.

As the biological father of Jingjing, the defendant is obliged to bear the plaintiff’s nursery costs. The economic income of the plaintiff Jingjing’s mother, Ms. Hu and the defendant, and the defendant shall bear the plaintiff’s living expenses of RMB 600 per month, and bears education and medical expenses. 50%. After the judgment of the first instance, the original and defendants were unconvinced and appealed to the Nantong Intermediate People’s Court. During the trial of the second instance, the original and defendants applied to the court to withdraw an appeal. Recently, the Nantong Intermediate People’s Court held that the two appellant’s application for withdrawal appeal did not violate the law and should be allowed to be allowed, and then ruling the withdrawal of the appeal.

3. Lawyer saying: Do not recognize the child’s refusal to do parent -child identification, and in the case of correct reasons, in such cases of biological biological cases, if one party refuses to do parent -child identification, in accordance with the spirit of civil law and relevant laws, the court cannot force it to force it to identify it to the identification. Institutions perform parent -child identification.

In other words, in the case of the other party’s refusal to be a parent -child identification, according to the basic evidence rules of "who claims and who proves" by civil lawsuits, the plaintiff must provide basic evidence to prove that the defendant is his biological father, otherwise the court will be difficult to support the plaintiff’s. Proficiency. Specific to this case, Ms. Hu has provided WeChat chat records that the defendant is the daughter’s biological father. The defendant failed to provide evidence to refute and refused to do parent -child identification. The application of parent -child appraisal in the lawsuit should be strictly grasped and applied with caution. Based on the direct presumption system of children’s children, the appraisal of the relationship between children and parents of children and parents should be applied for. Children, if the defendant could not provide evidence that the plaintiff had proposed by the plaintiff, and refused to be a parent -child identification, the plaintiff should be determined that the defendant’s claim for the defendant to be biological father and asked him to bear the support fee was established.

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Although it is slightly disappointed,But the two will definitely do not show any hint。

Do not say anything else,Only they are in summer friends,裴 东风 does not dare to neglect。
Never thought,Zhouraio’s daughter,It turned out to be a three-character refinerie。
“very good,really good!”
Summer smiled and kneaded the head of your head,“Maybe not used long?,Xiaowei is the oldest four-product refiner master throughout the Shenpu Island.。”
Zhou Wei died,“Brother,Who don’t know if you are the youngest five big masters of Shenpu Island?。”
Summer laughing,“I am talking about women’s repairs.,You become a master,Isn’t it the youngest??”
“Ha ha。”
Everyone also laughed。
Summer look at Zelaio,“Zhou Shu,I received your news.,A bit,According to normal time,You should go more than ten days in advance.,Is there a delay on the road?。”
Zhou Lao smiled nodded,road,“I have experienced some of them.。”
“Ha ha。”
Next to Miao Lif,road,“We are so many people on the road,Will definitely encounter some robberies,We deliberately expose to let them rob。”
Zhuang Hong also laughed,“Among them, there is no weakness.,The most impressive is to encounter the middle of the two life and death.,I am one with Miao Lif.,Waste is so strong to solve it。”
Wang Yuxin and the Dai Dongfeng again discolored。
In the early days of the two life and death, they killed two life and death.?
This is impossible.。
Think here,He smiled and tested,“Zhoucheng Lord,The middle and death of life and death is simply。”
Zhoura Olylon looked at。
He used to be a millennium,Who has never seen it?。
Immediately understand the intention of Tao Dongfeng。
“I have no hand on the way.,The purpose of slowing speed is to practice。”
“Yes,Two life and death,Why must Zhoucheng。”
There is another one,I remember him called Lu Yan.,It is also one of the ten people,Nowadays, there is also a breakthrough。
“It is a pity that the eighth encountered battle,The big leader there is a life and death.,Ugh,Our three people were actually ran by him.。”
Wang Yuxin。
Yan Dongfeng is also a sense of heart。
He itself is life and death,So knowing the initial and late,That is like the gap between the heavens and the earth.。
But in the early stage of three life and death,It was actually running.?

Hubei University of Technology: Teachers in ideological and political lessons enter the laboratory "suck" energy

  Recently, three teachers of the Marxist College of Hubei University of Technology carried out the "walk into the laboratory" activities of party building innovation, and came to the Intelligent Manufacturing Laboratory of the School of Machinery College, the Biological and Food College brewing center base and chip industry laboratory to understand school construction Develop achievements, learn the experience of talent training of the brother college, exchange the work experience of the party branch of the teacher, carry out the theme party day learning and exchanges, and conduct in -depth discussions on curriculum ideology and politics.

  This is another concentration event since the Marxist Academy opened the party’s party building innovation "entering the laboratory, entering the enterprise, and entering the organ". At this point, all the teachers of the ideological and political courses of Marxist College walked into the school laboratory activities to achieve full coverage.

  The basic principles of Marxism and the School of Instrument Science and Quality Engineering of the School of Mechanical Engineering of the Department of Instrument Science and Quality Engineering of the Department of Instrument Science and Quality Engineering of the Department of Instrumental Science and Engineering, the Party Branch of the Party Branch of the Party Branch of the United Branches has carried out the theme party day activities. More than 30 party members on both sides visited Hubei University of Technology. The college’s intelligent production line, Lichuang team and modern manufacturing quality engineering Hubei Province Key Laboratory. After the visit, the two parties focused on the construction of branch construction, curriculum ideology, discipline construction, team building, and talent training.

  Three7 party members of the Department of Food Science and Engineering, the Department of Biological Education and Research of the Marxist Academy of Thought and the Law Teaching and Research Department of the Law and Rule of Law Teaching and Research. International Joint Research Center for Medicine Nutrition. After that, the two branches exchanged their experience in the construction of the branch and discussed the problems encountered and cracking ideas encountered by the curriculum.

  The Party Branch of the Teaching and Research Department of China and the Department of Microelectronics of the School of Teaching and Research of China and the School of Microelectronics of the Academy of Sciences has carried out the theme party day exchange meeting of the joint branch. Nearly 50 party members of the two sides visited Hubei University of Technology’s chip design and craft experimental center and Marxism. College Simpling Class Teaching Virtual Simulation Experience Center. The secretary and director of the two party branches exchanged speeches on the construction of the branch, the development trend of the chip industry, the training of talents, and the construction of the curriculum. "The theme party day of the joint branch is conducive to our lectures to better integrate professionalism into the ideological and political classrooms and improve the teaching effect." "The level of construction of the Ruizi Industry Laboratory is shocking! I have realized the rapid development of the school." "Originally The doll fish can also be used for the research of autism treatment, which is really open -minded. "" This kind of interdisciplinary and party building form is novel! "

  The "Three Entry" activities are the form of party building in the innovation branch of the school’s Marxist Academy, which aims to improve the quality of party building quality in the branch. At the same time, the development of the event helps ideas and politics teachers to better implement the era of "deep feelings", "new thinking" and "wide vision" on the basis of "strong politics". Carry out injecting professional forces to further consolidate the work foundation of "three complete education".

  (Author Unit: Hubei University of Technology, Marxism College) Website editor: Zhu Linzheng.

Your own father,The only victim of the air is,But his existence is blotted,This makes her deep evil for the media and people who have proclaimed this matter.,In one way‘Miracle’This word。

“How can there be a miracle?”Girl muttered whisper,When you face your face, you will suffer.,“How can I have a miracle?!”
At this moment,Her ear suddenly came back a song,Along with the girl with a skilled voice,In her ear。
Wonderful song,In her mind, it turned into a piercing noise.,Let her smoke,The face is suddenly awkward。
“This is!”Saudira dead bite to teeth,Flashing in the eyes,“This sound will bring miracles!Absolutely definitely can’t let this happen!”
She is whitening,Cursing this voice vicious,I ran in the direction of the sound source,Do not know why,Her pace seems to have a heavy heavy。
What seems to be dragged。
“This is”Reverse through the crowded people,A teenager of a black hair hedgehog stunned this scene,“What’s happening here?”
Juveniles are in the upper。
just now,He and Yintke are not easy to enter the interior of the NMs.,But received the phone of the Soil Gate,I was told that the Ethysi is about to collapse,Without any choice,He can only choose to move with Inbike,He came to the venue to save Elisa,And Yintick is going to prevent the magic array。
But,After he is hard to come to the venue,Actually strange discovery,The venue is covered by a golden cover.,The concert inside is still going on?!
Do not,exactly,Elisa is still singing,And the audience will leave the venue in a series of staff leaders.。
have to say,The upper strip is the first time I saw it in knowing it here, I’m still in space.,But unprofitable audience,Everyone is old and old.,Follow the people’s orderly withdrawal,Let the last one doubt,I am coming wrong with myself.。
but,look carefully,Such an order seems to be reasonable,Every row of channels in the venue is drawn by gold,It seems that the neon light decoration is general,However, the upper strip is seen,When someone seems to want to bypass or cut,The golden rays that are touched are all distinguished from those who try to destroy the rules.,Then the place that is touched will become red,It seems like being fired.。
“This thing seems to be a bit more familiar?”The upper stripe,If you think about the golden light,Just when he kneel,Want to use your right hand to try this time when,suddenly,He came to the ear, he called a helpless call.。
“Ash!you idiot!Resent from my barrier!”
“Qing Qing palace?!”The upper strip has grown up his eyes.,“How are you here??”
“Otherwise, where should I??”The figure of the Qing Palace appears in front of the upper,Turn over a white eye,“Don’t touch my solar shield,Otherwise, if you are eliminated by your right hand,These audiences can be troublesome。”
“But”Look at less and less audience,Pick up the corner of the upper mouth,“They left the venue,Where can I go??”
“Take a large elevator and helicopter,Leave the top of the Ethomoze。”Qingguang sighed,“and,Don’t take your right hand to touch me.,I am just an image now.,The real person maintains a barrier behind the stage.。”
“Trough?”The upper striped eyes widened,The manner reached the right hand,Can laugh in the Qing Dynasty,Still receiving it back,Changed to the left hand,Take it to the shoulders of the Qing Palace,But the upper stripe,The left hand actually passed through the body of the Qing Palace.。
“It’s still an image.。”The upper stroke sighed,“Can your ability have been this step?!”Say,The upper strip suddenly widened。
“The elevator control between the Enesome is exploded.,What do they rely on??”The above is incredible to watch the Qing Palace,“and also,哔 哔?”
“You all said the answer。”Qingguang sighed,Helpless look at the top,“you guess,How did they go??”
“not”Under the circumstance, Zhang Danedi,But he has not come yet.,A loud noise suddenly came from the door!
Qinggong pupil,The whole person disappeared in the original place.。
“Don’t sing again!”The gate is pushed away.,Saudira fell into the collision,The beautiful face flashes a silk。
at the same time,Ethioshion’s space in the space。
Tea hair is quietly sitting in the middle of the empty hall,Double hand is flat,Liuhai, two arms and the origin,Countless light blue current is crazy to flock through the whole hall,The whole hall has changed the ocean of lightning.,Not far from her,Dozens of large elevators and three helicomous electromagnetic trains are crazy。
Earthly,Girl fierce opened his eyes,What seems to feel?,Lift the head,I can’t help but get a lot of concern in my eyes.。
Don’t have something you?!
(This chapter is over)
NS356chapter I thought I shouted?

NBA Comprehensive: Trey Yang Downtown Eagles Stop the first round of Morrant Murder Greenery Win Tianwang Mountain

On the 27th, the Bulls and Nuggets will challenge the male deer and warriors on the away game.

  Xinhua News Agency, Washington, April 26th. 2021-2022 The first round of the first round of the playoffs in the playoffs of the playoffs in the first round of the second round of the playoffs. Four. Among the two "Battle of the Heavenly Mountain" in the west, the Monte gliding rod was made up and killed, leading the Memphis Grizzlies to lead the Minneson Timberwolves 3: 2 in the series; The Sun defeated the New Orleans Pelicans to fight. In this campaign, the Heat Bartler and Lowry were missing due to injuries, but the team opened the score with the eagle under the leadership of Oladipo.

In the second quarter, Max Schtlus scored 10 points in a row, and the Heat set off a wave of 17: 0, ending the first half with a double -digit advantage. Bian Bian fought again, the Eagle team, Clint Capella, was injured in the third quarter, but De Andre Hunter scored one after another to chase the difference to 2 points.

At the last moment, Danilo Garnali encountered a passing mistake, and the Eagles claimed 3 points. In the Heat, Oladipo scored 23 points, and Adeba scored 20 points and 11 rebounds.

The Eagle Team Hente scored a maximum of 35 points in the audience. The team’s head star Terrey Yang continued to be sluggish. The game scored only 11 points in 12 in 12 shots, and the entire series made a mistake of up to 30 times.

  Back to the home Grizzlies took the lead in entering the state and started the start of 13: 2, but Patrick Berverley’s "3+1" sounded the horn of the Timberwolves counterattack. Since then , Timberwolves entered the last quarter with the leading advantage of 11 points. At a critical moment, the Grizzlies, Monte, suddenly broke out 9 points in a row, and at the last moment, they grabbed the opponent’s defensive errors and completed the high -difficult rod to make a layup. The Grizzlies won the Timberwolves 111: 109.

  In terms of Grizzlies, Morant scored 30 points, 13 rebounds and 9 assists, and Dismond Baya contributed 25 points.

In terms of Timberwolves, Downs made 5 three points scored 28 points, and Edwardz scored 22 points. In another game, the top sun in the western list of the regular season defeated the Pelicans 112: 97. The sun has been suppressed since the beginning of the game and resisted the counterattack of the Pelican last quarter. Mica Bridis scored 31 points. Paul scored 22 points and sent 11 assists.

The Pelicans were collectively dumb in the field. The three -pointer hit the rate of only 20%. Ingram scored 22 points and McColom scored 21 points.

  On the 27th, the Bulls and Nuggets will challenge the male deer and warriors on the away game.

“This is a secret,I hope you don’t disclose it.,Although other big cylinders can also find a higher gravity planet,Let their body become more powerful,But this is quite dangerous,I accidentally burst it.”Spring smiles。

“indeed so,Planette that is too high,Generally, there is no life,Where will they go?”Hui night。
“But where we go find a suitable gravity?”Ning asked。
“Hui Night adults have a gravity space,You can get together first,But you’d better master a blood in order to make a faster progress.”Spring said。
“Is the gravity control of the earth properties,so it is,Spring, you can practice the blood of the single attribute you know through this.”Yu Village said。
The average person thinks that blood is composed of Chakra that is both attributes.。
But Spring is only cultivated。
“Yes,In fact, there is a better way,For example, implanted my current cells,Can master my blood like,Anyway, Ningxing also has a reincarnation eye.,It is not a problem in suppressing my current cells.”Spring smiles。
Ning Ji has injected his first cell,I also affect it again.。
Can also master the power of yin and yang five elements,It’s almost a turning version of the spring。
But this is also the relationship between Ning.,He gives his cells everywhere,Who is the child who has given birth to these people??
“I am afraid that Quan Yan, you want to be wrong.”The feather is shaking。
“Forehead,Any questions”Square。
“The average person is impossible to master too much blood,Unless it is a special method,For example, the strength of the ten tail,Your current cells are injected into the body, there will be an anthropoachagy.,Others can’t control this cells at all”Latter。
“Your current cells are even more difficult to get people more than ten tails.”
“Even if the integration of the origin is not the limit?”Spring asked。
“There is no such good thing in the world,Imagine that you have perfectly mastered the strength of the yin and yang five elements, it is not so simple.,This is the problem of soul,Not the future will make up,So you are the most special”
“I once also want to try to make yourself to master the power of yin and yang.,But I failed,My own yin and yang five elements are still in essence, which can only be counted.,Instead of you, you can even separate the yin and yang five elements.”衣 解。
“Forehead,so it is,I think it is too simple.”Spring said。
If someone is willing to accept his cells,Isn’t that the strong is full??
How can there be such an abnormal thing?。
“But I have a kind of blood before.,Ning you can try,Among them,Can help you master the single property blood of soil properties”Spring said。
Ningxing did not cultivate cultural properties,I don’t know the potential of soil properties.,Using blood to understand, it is undoubtedly the best。
“Patient adult,Ning is already in the yin and yang,And my soil and soil blood,Will not exceed the standard”Spring asked。
“Will not,In theory, everyone can master two kinds of blood,Of course too powerful may have only one,Yin and Yang property is the attribute of its own body and the birth of the soul,Not included in it”Latter。
“This is good,Ningxing and people,I can practice the earth properties first and then guide you to cultivate the blood of the earth properties.”
“This kind of blood is also useful in fighting,Practice is good for you”Spring said。
Ningxing and someone else。
Spring said that this important secret is said,Just to help them improve strength,Next, I have to see themselves.。
“Still young people have vitality,I can not afford such exercise.”Yu Village said with a smile。
“You said,Ning Ji just purified the revivement,Physical strength is also poor,Basic will wait for two or three years”Spring also laughed and said。
“indeed,They even have no effort to adapt,Not suitable for continuing to improve strength,This is not good for them”The feather is nodded.。
“We have time,Even if the coach wood, the family discovers the problem,Not how many people will come over one another,Let’s come to one or two groups we can deal with”Hui night。

Quanzhou Fengze: Volunteer service on the front line of epidemic prevention shows the temperature

At 00 on April 21, the emergency command of the new crown epidemic in Quanzhou City, Fujian Province issued a notice on the 40th of 2022, announcing the adjustment of Quanzhou to a low -risk area, the region of the prevention zone of the region, and also announced that the epidemic prevention and control and the resistance of the prevention and control of the epidemic. The annihilation war ushered in victory. The epidemic is command, prevention and control is responsibility. In mid -March of this year, a new crown pneumonia epidemic appeared in Fengze District, Quanzhou City. Go to the front line of epidemic prevention, grab nodes, go down the grassroots, enter the building, do everything you can, dedicate it, and use the spirit of "Xia Xiaojia for everyone" to build a health defense line of life and health, so that the spirit of volunteer spirit will bloom in the new era Light.

Link up and down to do the "combatant" of the epidemic prevention and control.

As soon as the epidemic alarm rang, the female cadres and employees at all levels, enterprises, institutions, civilized posts, March Eight Red Flag collectives, and demonstration parental schools reported to the link community as soon as possible to obey the organization and deployment.

Among them, there are teachers of "three -foot podium", traffic police who "do not love red pretending to be armed", and there are judges who are "national emblems, hearts may be flat". However The role becomes a information entry, a test tube boxer, an environmental anti -killing staff, a material administrator … whether it is "front line" or "rear", they can be seen everywhere. On this no -smoky battlefield, volunteers have worked hard in the practice and showed a different style in the "epidemic" line.

Give full play to the "propagandist" of the epidemic prevention and control. In the face of the epidemic, the Executive Committee of the Grassroots Women’s Federation of Fengze District served on the spot, exerted its efforts online and offline to fight the publicity of the epidemic prevention and control.

Through the "one million" WeChat group forwarding the authority, in -depth posting of the community to post the epidemic prevention and control leaflets, and walked into the building to issue a notice to the people who areolate at home, patiently propagating the knowledge of epidemic prevention to residents, and conveying the requirements for epidemic prevention. Volunteers have distributed more than 3,000 leaflets, and more than 8,300 publicity visits were promoted.

In addition, in addition to the intense resistance work, volunteers play their own talents, and record the image of obscure and selfless dedication by drawing the theme comics of epidemic prevention and promotional publicity videos.

Dedication and "guarantee" for the prevention and control of the epidemic. Facing the severe situation of epidemic prevention, the Female Entrepreneur Association of Fengze District issued an initiative to all members, calling on members to actively act, dedicate love, and fully assist the anti -epidemic. Female entrepreneurs send masks, protective materials and other living materials for 68 communities, 6 street community health centers, and 3 schools to provide logistical support for epidemic prevention personnel who are on the front line. In order to allow residents to eat rest assured meat and fresh vegetables, the workers of the community women’s federation transformed into "purchaser", connecting with commercial supermarkets and pharmacies through online channels, and sent a bag of materials to the doorstep. The "vegetable baskets" and "medicine boxes" of the community masses have taken the party’s care to the masses. Lou Dong’s volunteers open up the "last meter" of serving the masses, and carefully grasp the information of the residents, especially the needs of special groups such as the "empty nest" elderly people and difficult people, and provide necessary help in a timely manner, strengthen psychological guidance, and achieve anti -epidemic -proof volunteer service services There is love and temperature.

Persist in the front line and do the "guide" of the epidemic prevention and control.

"Please line up, wear a mask", "Don’t worry, keep 1 meter distance, present the collection code in advance" … At the nucleic acid detection site, the volunteer volunteer transformed into a "big horn" to maintain the order of nucleic acid detection site, guide the guidance Residents and masses scan the code to measure the temperature, queue in an orderly manner, and maintain one meter interval to ensure the safety of the masses. "What should I do if I am a yellow code?" "Can the elderly at home can go to the door?" Faced with the doubts and needs of the masses, volunteers who were patiently answered in doubt and solve the confusion, and comforted them. The appeal will be fed back to the community in time to ensure that the epidemic prevention work "does not leak a household or one person."

Create 3 nucleic acid collection points and a single collection point averaged nearly 10,000 people. Volunteers used day and night to interpret "Fengze Speed".

This time,Xia Jian’s eyes lit up suddenly。He grabbed Yao Junli’s toe,Lightly。Yao Junli whispered,The whole person fell into Xia Jian’s arms。

The silence speaks,Unconsciously,Two people have become entangled together。
This night。Xia Jian’s special fragrance for sleeping,He felt that he didn’t even dream。Next morning,Yao Junli wants to talk about the project because of an appointment,So she got up at 8 o’clock。
Xia Jian slept until nine o’clock,He feels full,Then got up and put on clothes。Everything is ready,He went to the restaurant on the third floor for breakfast。Maybe Yao Junli specially ordered,Xia Jian got out of the elevator,Someone greeted us enthusiastically。
It’s this time,The breakfast I left for Xia Jian is very rich。There is his favorite Xiaolongbao,And soy milk。Xia Jian had a good meal,Then I remembered that he wanted to see Hu Huiru。
Take out the phone,I found Hu Huiru’s phone number,Xia Jian called。The phone was connected soon,Hu Huiru’s beautiful voice came from inside:“Hello Mr. Xia!I heard you have big moves,Is there something good looking for me?”
“You are really well informed,People in the provincial capital, you know all the little things that happened in Bucheon,It’s really amazing!”Xia Jian said so,Also surprised in my heart。
Hu Huiru,Haha laughed:“You are no small matter。Transfer so much land over,You must do something big,You said i guessed right?”
“No need to guess,I’m in the provincial capital now,If you have time, let’s meet and talk again”Xia Jian stood up as he spoke。While he was on the phone,Walk out。
Hu Huiru laughed and said:“Coming early is not as good as coincidence,I also just came back from Pingdu yesterday,Then you come to our group!”
“OK!See you later”Xia Jian hung up after speaking。He walked back to the room quickly,Carry your briefcase,Then went downstairs。
Going to talk about business today,I can’t take a taxi anymore。He asked for directions at the front desk,Then I found Xiao Xiao’s BMW in the underground parking garage,Drove to Dongsheng Group。
Fortunately, he asked the route in advance,The car drove very smoothly when it hit the road。After about half an hour,The car has stopped at the gate of Dongsheng Group。
Xia Jianyi reported the name,The security immediately put him in。Maybe Hu Huiru made arrangements in advance,Xia Jiangang went to the lobby on the first floor。Then a young and beautiful girl greeted us,She asked with a smile:“Are you Mr. Xia?!”
“Correct!Is President Hu in the office??”Xia Jian asked with a smile。
Girl said with a smile:“President Hu is waiting for you in the office,Let me come down to welcome you”Hu Huiru is really good at doing things,It’s a good job of face。
The girl took Xia Jian into the elevator,Keep bringing Xia Jian into Hu Huiru’s office。Hu Huiru, who was answering the phone, saw that Xia Jian was here,She hung up the phone and greeted me。