Chen Xiu’s hard explanation,It’s just that I’m a little messy,His original intention, of course, was that Osheng could live like a little princess,happy、free、Carefree,No need to think about chai、Meter、salt、These mundane things。

His explanation was unsuccessful,But O Sheng’s focus is different,What she cares about is the sentence in front of Chen Xiu“My woman!”
These words made her very happy,As for what Chen Xiu said later, it doesn’t matter。
“All right,You don’t need to explain。
I am waiting for you at the hotel,be careful!”
Chen Xiu sees Ou Sheng finally do not have to follow,Settled。
“it is good,I will be back soon。”
Hung up Osheng’s call,Chen Xiu wiped the sweat off his forehead,Dealing with Ou Sheng is no less than fighting against the ancestors of the white tiger,It’s the same。
Chachai hides in the Ngau Tau Kok Mountain Range in San Regal, only over 170 kilometers away from Hanoi.。
Less than two hours,Chen Xiu and the others have reached the outskirts of Niutoujiao Mountain。
“Mr. Chen,Less than five kilometers ahead is where the Chachai team camped,We are going to get off the car and go on foot!”
“it is good!”

Since you can’t get any benefits, you have to be controlled by others,No one would be happy,At this moment, some people even have retired。Go home and live a peaceful life,It’s better to be less mixed with this leg,Everyone secretly praised Xue Monkey for his vision,Oh shit,How could I be fooled by lard??Scared of oldAYinwei,Everyone dare not make any obvious disclosures,Just big eyes and small eyes,No one speaks,But the atmosphere has dropped to the freezing point。

“This coordinator will take care of all Fanye’s properties,Asked his family if?”The old ghost finally couldn’t help but go crazy,Although Ding Manzi watched from the sidelines,But he can’t control his anger。
Everyone was relieved when they heard this,Wang Fan still has a few hard bones,So someone immediately agreed,“Makes sense,Master Fan’s bones are not yet cold,This matter is not appropriate。”One or two take the lead,Others suddenly talked。
Pang Rong froze on the spot,Ugly face,But soon regained his composure,“I’m afraid you have misunderstood,Escrow is only temporary,It’s not that he occupied Fanye’s territory。The main purpose is to clear Yuxing,Of course it’s also for the business to maintain normal operations。Besides, Fanye’s son is still in school,Not yet capable of taking over the industry……”
“and many more,Brother Rong。If it is to keep running,Enough for our brothers,Really don’t bother to choose any coordinator。”With the momentum of the first sentence,The old ghost can’t care so much anymore,Directly interrupted Pang Rong’s words。
“enough?Just rely on you two rubbish?”A gloomy voice floated out of thin air,Let everyone’s heart be awe-inspiring,Ding Manzi, who has always been silent, finally speaks。And he speaks badly when he speaks,Everyone who is near smells a smell of danger。
Chapter four hundred and ten Kill the monkey
“Ding boss,what do you mean?Who cares about trash?”The old ghost is playing drums in his heart,Compel。He knows oldAExtremely difficult,And the consequences of offending the other party are very bad。But the words have been exported,I can only bite the bullet and push forward,There is no retreat。
“Ha ha,Saying that waste is considered worthy of you,I really consider myself a big brother?Paralyzed,If it’s not for Lao Pang,,A follower can sit here?Dare to fart to Laozi,Take care of you。”
“Ding,Since you said it to this point,I have nothing to worry about,Actually Fanye’s death……”
The old ghost is only half talking,Suddenly saw the figure shaking,A big hand like a steel claw has firmly strangled his throat,Instantaneous time,The breath of the old ghost was completely shut off,Boss with his mouth open,Protruding eyes,My face suddenly turned blue,The last half of the key words didn’t even utter a word。
Everyone got up and left their seats in shock,Take a closer look,The figure is Ding Manzi。In full view,There are three or four seats away,This guy’s body style and speed are simply incredible。Guan Tong, who had been silent all the time, suddenly opened his eyes,In the eye,Can’t help but jump up,But was held down by Pang Rong。This detailed action,No one noticed at the moment。
When everyone is shocked,Ding Manzi’s single-armed force suddenly went down,Bang,The old ghost’s head has been heavily hit on the edge of the table,The small dish on the side was splashed by Lao Gao,Draw a parabola,Fell to pieces on the ground。The blood on the old ghost’s forehead burst out,Swiftly,The red blood spread on the tablecloth,Eye-catching。
“Maleg Second Force,You ungrateful animal。How many goods did you two steal while taking care of Fanye’s business?,When others don’t know?Run here to run wild,Want to die?”Ding Manzi said,Intentionally cast his gaze to Xue Yikai, who was already at a loss,Suddenly scared him to kneel on the ground。
“Almost done,Old Ding,Talk about things,Don’t hurt your peace。”Pang Rong sees the fire is waiting,Busy to discourage。Ding Manzi slapped the old ghost’s head twice before willing to give up,The old ghost is soft,Slipped directly under the table。Xue Yikai look around,Hesitated for a long time,I didn’t dare to reach out to help。
Threats do not achieve immediate action,The big brothers present are very much。With the lessons of the old ghost,It seems that no one dare to take the head easily。But there is no shortage of bloody men on Fukuyama Road,A bald yellow-faced man finally couldn’t hold back,He pushed away Xue Yikai, who was looking around blankly,Reached out and pulled the old ghost out from under the belly of the table,Sit firmly on the seat。

With attention,Chen Xiu knows that this place has become a place of right and wrong,Don’t dare to delay now,Found the way,I started lightly and went deep into the mountain。

The forest everywhere in Shennongjia,Towering trees hundreds of meters high abound,After leaving the waterfall,Chen Xiu ran for dozens of miles in one breath,The more you go inside,The trees are getting taller,Walking through this huge forest,I just feel like I have become a lot smaller。
Walking in the forest,Chen Xiu couldn’t help but think of the broken gun head in his arms。
A broken gun head,It can cause people in the secret realm to chase all the way into the world,While this surprised Chen Xiu,Also secretly thinking about the origins of this broken gun head。
When Chen Xiu secretly thought about the origin of the broken gun head,Suddenly I heard a while above the sky“Wailing、Wailing……”Tweets,Look up,But it was a huge goshawk hovering above his head。
“Flat woolS,Planted down,See if i won’t bake you!”
Chen Xiu doesn’t agree,There are many kinds of beasts in this virgin forest,Just yelled at the goshawk in the air for a while and continued to move forward。
Walked a few miles again,Look up,That goshawk actually walked all the way by himself,I suddenly remembered that the last time I was chased and killed by Liu Fengxing, I was also spotted by Goshawk,Yell in my heart:“not good!This is a tracking eagle raised privately by the eight great families!”
I dare not go slow now,Spread lightly to the canopy,Just on the top of the tree。But he is fast,But flying compared to a goshawk,Obviously not enough,Ran more than ten miles,The goshawk is still high in the sky and chasing。
“by,To avoid the Eight Great Masters’ round up, you must firstSJust kill。Although my hiding technique can hide my breath,Can’t be invisible!”
Chen Xiu stopped on the canopy of a 30-meter-high arbor,But seeing that the goshawk above his head is still circling tens of meters above him,He felt cruel,Folded a branch in his hand,Slightly flex your knees and stretch them at night,Jumped more than ten meters。
Chen Xiuren is in midair at this time,Has reached the highest point,But it’s more than 20 meters away from the fly above my head。
That goshawk seems to understand human nature,Knowing this distance, Chen Xiu can’t cut himself,There was a mocking tweet at Chen Xiu。
“brute,I won’t let you call it out later!”
Put the branch in Chen Xiu’s hand,Use puppetry to control under your feet,A little branch on his toes,With the slight leverage of the branches,Chen Xiu jumped again for five、Distance of six meters,At the same time, a bright light in his hand flashed towards the goshawk,In business, the flying knife that Chen Xiu snatched from Xie Zhou。
The goshawk flapped its wings and flew up when the cold light came from it was animal instinct,The flying knife just flew past its claws。

The gunfire finally rang,The coquettish woman fell in a pool of blood,Gu Changfeng’s heart seemed to be roughly stabbed,parefull,But soon it felt like going through a cycle of life and death,Full of joy after the disaster,A familiar figure quickly disappeared,That is Lan Ling。

Gu Changfeng has burst into tears,Subconsciously looking at Lan Ling,But the other party is caught in another inner struggle and struggle,The cold face has melted,Eyes full of panic and panic,The instructor next to him is even more unbearable,He raised his hand and pointed the muzzle at his temple。
Thunder blast,Extremely dull,But after exploding in everyone’s heart, it is like Hong Zhong Da-lu,The mirror image that everyone saw suddenly shattered into powder,Suddenly the higher sky is golden,Countless golden floating clouds and rolling combinations,In an instant, a huge golden hand was formed,This big hand is very heavy,As soon as it appeared, it smashed the first big gray hand hanging in the air,The rescued supernatural power should be empty。
The other one is more evil、Big hand of horror,Just grabbed two puppets,Under the pressure and threat of the golden giant hand,I have to let go of the puppet,Flip the palm to meet the golden giant hand under the volley cover,Two palms of different colors collide at low altitude like two very huge clouds,Arouse a dazzling halo,Quickly spread around,Lightning and thunder everywhere,Gusty wind roar,The whole town is like a tornado hurricane,Some taller buildings even have their roofs gone,a mess。
The big grey hand suddenly dimmed a lot,A furious voice roared in the air,“Dignified gods,Unexpectedly attacked,Dare to report your name?”
The big golden hand ignored the voice,Fingers turn into five claws,The fingertips faintly buzzed,An image of nine Luanfeng slowly appeared in the palm of his hand,Nine pairs of eyes let out Daoguang together,Converging into a torrent of colorful halo,With a bang, it penetrated the palm of the big gray hand,There was a scream in the sky,A black illusory body has lost the protection of big hands,Just want to escape,But was caught by the golden fingers,Firmly into the palm of the hand。
“Shameless monster,Let go of the old man!”Scream panicked,But soon silently。
“Outsider,Forced to,But be careful about being a guest,In case of disaster、Bewitching mortal creatures,Even trying to subvert the mortal road,Even if i can tolerate you,Also must be severely punished by the law!”
The magnificent voice is like a rolling torrent.,It also shocked every fanatic with an unclean mind,The rhythm is like the shining and baptism of golden light,Remove all the dirt attached to the souls of these people。
Gu Changfeng and others are already awake now,Looking at the dull-faced people around,I seem to have just had a big dream,The instructor holds a pistol,It’s been a long time,Monk Zhai put his hands together,Slightly closed eyes,Have words in your mouth,I don’t know what he felt after witnessing the war just now.。
Lan Ling has the strongest mind,Looking at the place where the golden hand disappeared in the eastern sky,A lot of emotion,The pimple that has been suppressed in my heart for a long time has disappeared,Although the sound just now is just a warning for the supernatural player,But the golden brilliance is full of righteousness,Crush the pickled miscellaneous things in my heart raised by the big gray hand,It’s so unpleasant,Is this the power of the spirit??
Gu Changfeng, who also had this sentiment, ordered Tao Meng and others to immediately clean up the mess,Puppets with supernatural powers must be detained,The diehards among other bewitched fanatics were also taken into custody,Make plans after the trial and screening。
Order soon returned to the streets and guest houses,Most villagers return home quietly,The golden brilliance also shook their hearts,What can be gained,Varies from person to person,In fact, most people have no complicated life experience,So there is no gain,But the bewitching words of the psychic sacred religion and the scene of the battle between gods and demons have been quietly erased,The only vague impression that can be left is a little fragment of the MLM company being banned.。
And the biggest gain is Lao Dai who is dozens of miles away,He not only saw a very rare sky vision,I also witnessed the power battle between two groups of human shadows not far away.,That really crashed,Horror,The tidal flat was ploughed by heavy artillery shells,Potholes,Devastated,Only then did he understand why Li Tianchou was so full that he came here for martial law,Looking back on the cold sweat,If you are a little sloppy,It might cause big problems。
Arrange everything,Gu Changfeng can’t wait to return to the second floor room,Li Tianchou sat quietly on the sofa again,Support one’s cheek with one hand,Seems to be thinking hard,The war just now,He also gained a lot,I also deeply realized the power of Li Xiucheng’s soul,Simply unimaginable,I’m not paying attention,Almost uncontrollable。
After this war,Li Tianchou feels that the road to awakening that has stalled is restarted again,And progress by leaps and bounds,The integration between his soul and Li Xiucheng’s soul is getting closer,I can already understand Li Xiucheng’s mind without thinking、Ideas,Even a deeper understanding,There is only a thread away from complete integration。

Here is a sentence,Original name,It is a spell that targets the mind rather,The principle is to imprison the heart of the opponent,Painting is impossible to divide their minds and flesh,Thus the effect of fixing。

In Liao Wenjie,The biggest harvest of this refining is Montenegro mask.,Have this magic weapon,Can use blood songs without side effects,Three combat,Whether it is a sword or a look,You can use it between it is free to use it.。
Mask,He is a sudden,I pulled off the towel,Remove the red umbrella from the water,Then remove the mask buckle on the face。
Can use。
No because it changed a world,The mask has a big discount from the yin yin.,corresponding,Another ability of the mask,The ability to open the yin and yang two channels is not lost。
“嘿嘿 嘿……”
Montenegro in hand,Liao Wenjie suddenly felt that the big Harbor Island of the Paba was too much.,The world is too slow,I can’t keep up with his pace.。
Not him floating,But the eyes are high.,I have seen the black mountain demon、Pudu Cihang these universal demon ghosts,Think about it, the ghost encountered before Hong Kong Island……
can only say,What is these garbage??
Ok,He is floating!
Royal sword in hand,He is a high person who floating in the sky,If you say it is welcome.,Hong Kong Island three acres of three,He is also a number of strong people。
It should have a thirty year of the river.,Not he is going to find an organization now,But organize to find him。
I don’t have to enter him.。
“wrong,Arrogant,Do people don’t arrogantly,There are still many monsters in this world.,Lyon,This is like the sky……”
Crop the water,Liao Wenjie re-covered towels,While bubble in the bathtub,Open the system and look up。
【Nandan(getting Started)】
【Drink water(Abdominal,Can be swallowed)】
【Little Fuyang Danx3(Qiankun operation,Taiji Sunday;Wudi operation,Twelve)】
General goods color,That’s also going on,Tied together is better than the value of swordsmanship and Montenegro mask。
Liao Wenjie,Ding the heart of the heart starts‘Nandan’Martial arts,After a moment,He was surprised to take a towel covered with face。
Obviously a martial art,Its core is straightforward,Obviously, it is dedicated to a pretty high school class.。
Just like the blood sea magic of the gods and the wrong practice,This door,It is also the top martial arts from the heart method.。Daily practice,Not only can you extend longevity?,More than breaking the two veins,Three off,Anti-day functionality。
Since then,Be founded,Whether it is Wu Wu or a trim,Can do a thousand miles away,That is, there is no one in the Wanzhong.。
Liao Wenjie took easy tendon to wash the marrow Dan,Early is a wonderful wonderful,Inner Dandan entry level is very significant for him,Slightly think,Decisive begins。
Two thousand two hundred points,Nandan is upgraded to‘Dengfeng’level,He runs again,It is found that the effect is really not true.。
Taoist,Inner Dando,Nine-character true words four vertical five-step law,Both complements,In vivo, make a perfect cycle,It seems like two Taiji fish,Three start,Endless life。
A plus one is far more than two,Everything is completed,His blue thought of blue and expansion,The cultivation speed exceeds the blood sea magic handwritten。
Liao Wenjie slowly opened his eyes,正 愁 血 血 力 于 门 门,Montenegro mask more evil door,Not in line with the image of him,Can only use the vest to use。
With this door,Simply plus cultivation,Cut the progress of the current blood songs is not difficult,You don’t have to use Monashan mask to make the swordsmanship and。
“good stuff!”
Liao Wenjie looked out,Decisively add some,Want to advance Nandan to one level。
Nandan successfully advanced‘Dengfeng’Later,The system prompts the next level——Mysterious!
That is, the grade of the applause。
pity,Money-saving,From Dengfeng to Chemistry,Need a one-time payment of 10,000 financial resources。
This refining path,He harvested five thousand points of financial resources,More than 2,000 points left before,Total more than 7,000 points,Go off the two hundred and two hundred points you just smash,Just five thousand+One lost zero head,Just enough to upgrade half。
“Tens of thousand points,How many good things do this have to earn……”

The walkie-talkie uploaded a report from the men guarding the periphery。

“police officer!”
Turn on surveillance video,I saw dozens of police officers rushing in from three entrances on the screen,Most of the dozens of subordinates that I arranged outside are already subdued。
“Walk from the tunnel!”
The rich man in the audience asked the bodyguard to catch the young woman,After clashing with the security of the auction house,Chen Xiu saw the chaos,I’m afraid that someone accidentally hurt Gong Daoming during the chaos,Quietly pulled him aside。
“hit,Hit hard!”
Gong Daoming was heartless when he saw the chaos,
154 Heavy treasure!
The sixth man who was shot in the thigh pushed Yuanwu away,Shen Sheng said:“Yuan Ge,This is not the time for mother-in-law,The painting you are carrying must not be intercepted by the police officer!
If you lose the painting,You should know better than us,I won’t be the only one who will die then,My family will suffer!
Means of organization,You know better than me!”
At this time, the other person who was shooting on the ground to prevent the police officer from rushing over also said:“Yuan Ge,The sixth is right。Our two brothers have also made a lot of money over the years,Enough for the family for most of their lives,After we go in,You help us take care of our home!”
“Old five,you……”
After the fifth shot fired twice,,Turned around and shouted
155 Got caught again

“Row,I’ll hang up first,By the way, talk to Yu Xin,Her aunt has gone home,do not worry。”

“Are your parents here??”
Wang Yufei just made up his mind to turn off the phone,Lu Yuxin has finished washing,Walked out of the bathroom and asked。
“correct,They took Aunt home first。”
“You rest first,I also go take a bath!”“”
“it is good!”
When Wang Yufei walked into the bedroom of the suite,Lu Yuxin just closed WeChat。
“Guo Xiaoyi?”
“Ok,Got home!”
After a simple answer,Twelve o’clock。
Very ritual time,When Wang Yufei was about to say something,Lu Yuxin’s phone rang again,It’s the sound of WeChat video again。
“Lu Qingyun。”Lu Yuxin glanced at the phone,Pretending to be calm。

First162chapter:A flash of deja vu

Half an hour passed quickly,Several veterans hurry up,Finally completed the talisman formation within the limited time,Li Dachuan also returned from the abyss。
Serious face,Can’t tell if there is any discovery,Of course no one dares to ask。
Team square arrangement,The number of reports one after another,Thereafter,Mo Tao trot forward,“Report chief,142 people should arrive,Actual number 141。”Programmatic,After the regularization report,Mo Tao suddenly reacted,“One person still missing,People?”
Re-report,Still one hundred and forty one。Instructors in various cities to check personnel,As a result, there is one less person in Ganning City——Li Hongyan。
Look for?
It stands to reason that one less person is of course looking for,Xia Mei had already planned to run towards the cliff grottoes,But suddenly I heard Li Dachuan say:“set off。”
Military orders!
set off!
Li Dachuan led the team to take the lead,New people set foot on the raft,The leaders of each city action team led many water marching officers to guard by the side,With four veterans inspire the talisman formation,Raft out of space。
Just in a short time,Everyone disappeared at the entrance,There are only a few lights left to illuminate this space。
Right side cliff,Inside one of the grottoes。
Gan Yifan、Wu Heng and Xu Wan are here。
When everyone left,They were told to stay quiet,Until Li Dachuan leads the team back。

“How is the taste,Is it enough?“Ouyang Hong looked at Xia Jian who was eating,Asked softly。

Xia Jian’s heart trembled,Said hurriedly:“Smell like a kid,Good amount,enough”
Just at this time,Suddenly someone knocks on the door,Without waiting for Ouyang Hong to speak,The door was pushed open,I saw Secretary Li of the town committee walking in with an unhappy expression。
“Mayor Ouyang,Now you are at work,It’s a bit bad!Let others see,What will you say”Secretary Li’s face is serious,Doesn’t give Ouyang Hong any face。
Xia Jianyi listen,Angry,He stood up immediately,Ha ha smiled:“Li Shuchang,You are too serious!Who doesn’t know,People who work in your town are very free,Why are you so nervous??”
“Chief Xia,Don’t interrupt,I’m talking about work with Mayor Ouyang,Besides, you are just a little village chief,No right to speak at all,Understand“In Secretary Li’s tone,With a provocative taste。
Ouyang Hong sees it,Stood up immediately,Bluntly:“Secretary Li,Please pay attention to the proportions you speak,He is a little village head, yes,But don’t forget,He is the boss of the startup group,The controlling person of the Xiping Village Agricultural Cooperative,Even the mayor saw him,Will be polite“
“cut!Stop talking!No matter how great, he is also a merchant with a copper smell,The mayor will be polite to him?You still think about your problem,Otherwise I will reflect upward“Secretary Li didn’t know what he had eaten this morning,Have to mess things up。
Snapped!Ouyang Hong couldn’t bear it in front of Xia Jian,Slapped the table fiercely and shouted:“up to you,You can reflect it anywhere,It’s not the first time you did this,Invite you out now“
Secretary Li smiled and said:“Mayor Ouyang,Great,Dare to shoot me on the table,Wait, then!“Slam the door and leave。
Ouyang Hong was so angry that he threw the unfinished pastry into the trash can in the corner,She said furiously:“How can I form a team with such a person,A deputy secretary,Every day despite the trivial things,Looks annoying”
“Do not be mad,It seems that it was not the right time for me,Made the secretary angry,Hey!Why didn’t he check with me today?”Xia Jian said,Can’t help but laugh。

Furthermore,Fang Yu is no longer in the hospital。

“Or because……”
Shu Ling looked at Fang Yu’s right hand,Sigh。
Brother is the strongest among the interns……It’s a pity to be dragged down by the right hand。
Three years,Never been in the operating room。
And now he left the hospital!
“Don’t look at me with your poor eyes……What’s wrong with me leaving the hospital!”
Fang Yu speechless。
Shu Ling’s eyes,Very unpleasant。
Soon,The ambulance is coming。
Woman and her child,Were taken away!
And at this moment,Fang Yu heard a voice not far away。
“Plan failed……Restart the second plan!”
“Plan failed?”
Fang Yu was taken aback。
“dad,I went out beforehand!”
Finished,Fang Yu chased in the direction of the sound。